I Love My Camo Purses

Girls, Girls, Girls. Whether they are big or small, young or old, rich or poor, all girls love a super stylish, yet totally functional, camo purse!

OK… ┬áMaybe not everyone loves them, but I sure do. They give you a chance to make an impression, a bold fashion statement. This site is a place for me to write about some of my favorite purses and handbags (just because I’m strange like that), but for now, we’ll just stick with camo pursecamo bags, because they’re my favorite! OK? Great! I especially love pink camo purses lately, but I’ve been collecting all sorts of camo bags since I got my first one about two years ago. It’s sort of ironic that something that was meant to be anything BUT conspicuous can do such a great job of catching eyes. A really cool bonus is that you can sometimes spill something on your purse and have it blend right in to the pattern! That happened to me at an IHOP while I was sampling some tasty, but sloppy syrups on my pancakes. Long story, but it ends with me still using a favorite bag that smells a little bit like blueberries.

Why I Love Camo Bags

Camo purses compliment all types of clothing styles. You can wear pretty much whatever you like and still work in a nice camouflage pattern. You can be whoever you want and wear whatever suits your fancy when you compliment your outfit with one of the many awesome Camo handbags, purses, wallets or accessories that are available today. Buy them wherever you want, but for Pete’s sake… You’ve got to get some camo into your collection of accessories!

A purse is just an accessory. I keep telling myself that, but it isn’t sinking in! That’s because it’s also an essential part of your overall fashion statement. A purse can say a heck of a lot about your fashion sense. If you walk into work carrying a giant Hello Kitty bag in the shape of a cat’s head, you’ve just told the office a whole lot about yourself. A camo bag leaves things a little more ambiguous. I like that. (Nothing against Hello Kitty, but the little cutie does send a message about the person carrying her.)

The Camo purse as an accessory therefore allows you to augment your general fashion apparel with a truly unique style, while at the same time allowing you to maintain your socially acceptable appearance (for people who worry about that sort of thing). When I make an addition to my purse collection, I usually just see something that I like and buy it, but even if you’re more careful in your purchasing habits, I think you’ll find that a camo bag can work with just about any outfit if you use a little bit of creativity. Of course, I don’t usually worry too much about what other people think. If I happen to like something, I like it, and that’s enough for me!

Choosing a Camo Handbag or Purse will be difficult for some people with a tendency to be picky because there are a lot of different styles and patterns available nowadays. That’s what happens when something gets popular I guess. Camo purses offer a huge selection of styles and prices. That’s a good thing though. If you like cheap purses, you’re covered. If you like to flaunt a label in front of your friends, you can spend you cash and flash away.

The one thing I do always consider when buying any purse is the size of the bag. Even though there are tons of choices out there, I almost always end up large bags. I guess you probably didn’t really need to know that, but my point is that you can find camo purses in just about any size you want now that they’ve gained such popularity.

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